Our Mission

To Liberate prosperity and improve our client’s professional and personal quality
of life.

Our Vision

To stand out, by standing apart from the average, and perform our service with integrity, sincerity, efficiency, and be needed relief to our clients.

Is your story like ours? Is it the kind of narrative where you have a dream of freedom, so to speak? Freedom to do what you love, and be free from the shackles of the corporate environment. You have known from the start, you have the initiative and drive that surpasses your peers; the drive that will allow you to succeed in an entrepreneurial venture. And, you know, with your own successful business, you can make your dream a reality.

In the beginning you want to run a super-efficient operation, compared to old behemoth competitors; weighed down by their departmental procedures, wasteful spending, and lackadaisical employees. You can do it all! Deliver the product, service your clientele, market what you sell, take care of the internal necessities of running the business, as well as take out the trash. This approach may work for a season. I too have had this perspective. But, you don’t have to be in business long before you realize that no man can stand alone, no business can succeed by the efforts of an individual. To truly succeed you need to be surrounded by a team that shares in your vision and supports your efforts.

At Tailored Business our story is similar; in December of 2001 our founder Kim Taylor, merged 2 companies with a vision of financial freedom, and promoting prosperity for her clients. There is no question for the enthusiasm and passion she has in assisting our clients, never the less, the realization of personal limitations is inevitable. As an individual we can only go so far, but, to truly be a success one must raise a successor. To reap the rewards of financial freedom, Tailored Business required planting seeds of success in our clients and staff. The results of this philosophy are simple: with the growth and success of our clients, Tailored Business’ development naturally follows.

At what point will you realize your own limitations? I know it is a sobering question, but it is asked from the perspective of a partner and a friend. Tailored Business is an entity which wants to believe with you and help to fulfill your dream. We can work together, we can succeed together, but alone we are limited. Let Tailored Business partner with you and nurture your success. It is time to have a partner in business which has the integrity to prioritize your bottom line as much as their own. I understand that you are reluctant to let go of a portion of control, after all who can do it better than you? Sometimes trust grows in increments; perhaps you are not ready to let go of all financial management, but maybe you can start with some help balancing the checkbook, or start by letting go of payroll. We will truly Tailor our services to fit the needs of your company. I encourage you to take the next step, and dare to grow with us!